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I am Heather Wendeborn, a guide here to walk beside you, finding adventure amidst adversity, rewriting our stories with courage, and living for today.

My Story

Heather is a remarkable individual with a triumphant battle against cancer, embodies kindness, bravery, and adventure. Her journey through life has instilled in her a deep sense of purpose. Her journey is a testament to the power of hope, perseverance, and living in the present moment. It has taught her to value every breath and the importance of embracing the unknown.


Heather’s passion for helping others discover their confidence and worth shines through her roles as a mountain bike instructor, youth sports mentor, and coach, or simply a friend, Heather is there to uplift those around her.


Nature is Heather’s playground, a source of solace and inspiration. She’s a perpetual student, continually seeking knowledge and new experiences. When not exploring life’s wonders, you can find her creating memories with her two daughters, her husband, and their trusty dog, Goose and expressing her creativity through art.


Professionally, Heather’s path led her to spend a decade as an analyst in Farmington, New Mexico, before embracing a fresh start in Wenatchee, Washington. Her career is a testament to her dedication and adaptability.


Through her adventurous spirit, commitment to others, an unwavering resilience Heather is an inspiration, reminding us all to embrace the present, rewrite our stories, and cherish every moment. 

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