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I am Melissa Aviram, a gentle guide with the power of the breath and a life coach that supports your dreams.

My Story

Meet Melissa, a nurturing and down-to-earth soul who embodies the wisdom of Mother Earth. She radiates vulnerability and a thirst for adventure, which she gracefully weaves into her life’s journey. 

Melissa’s path has been defined by her dedication to helping women find encouragement and mentorship, all while embracing and celebrating their unique gifts. Her journey began in the beauty industry leading into a decade of ambitious entrepreneurship in cosmetology. She has weaved her gifts of connection through business ventures and meeting people where they are in life with compassion, a listening ear and encouragement. 


Her kind and compassionate character guided her to explore the practice of yoga after her children entered middle school. Seeking balance and inner growth, she embarked on a journey that has now spanned 13 years of teaching and personal development. Melissa’s wisdom and nurturing spirit shine through as she continues to learn alongside her students, understanding their needs and desires. 


Her passion for movement is unmistakable. Melissa believes in the transformative power of physical activity to reshape mental pathways. Channeling her dedication to helping others combat anxiety and depression by finding release through physical activity and the power of breath.


In her daily life she wears many hats, including being a part-time caregiver to a special needs young boy, offering private yoga and fitness sessions for mothers and their daughters, conquering mountain hikes during her free time, and volunteering with her church’s youth group, all while enjoying time with her adult children.

Melissa is deeply rooted in her community, dedicating herself to serving wherever she can. Her journey is one of continuous learning, nurturing, and empowering others to embrace their full potential. 

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