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I am Sommer Seitz, I am Executive Director of Whole Women Link Association and a teacher of the healing traditions of Western, Eastern, and Indigenous cultures. I guide people in the reclamation of their wholeness after traumatic experiences in mind, body, and spirit.

My Story

Sommer is a radiant reflection of those she encounters, embodying confidence, intuition, and a regal warrior spirit. With a 15-year journey as a mental health therapist, she’s become a beacon of healing and transformation. Sommer has touched the lives of children, families, couples and adults, guiding them through the complexities of their minds and emotions.


Sommer’s holistic approach, often described as a “root therapist,” delves into the interconnected facets of mind, body and spirit. Drawing from the wisdom of Western, Eastern, and Indigenous healing traditions, she guides individuals on a path to rediscover their wholeness after facing traumatic experiences. 


Sommer’s journey isn’t limited to therapy; it’s a fusion of her passion for teaching and her calling for healing. Before stepping into the therapeutic realm, she shared her wisdom as an English and Spanish teacher, influencing the lives of middle school students. 


Today, Sommer’s devotion extends beyond the counseling room. She co-founded Whole Women Link, a platform rooted in the art of self-healing and holistic mental health. Through this endeavor, she’s committed to nurturing spiritual growth and development, offering a guiding light for those seeking a path to wholeness. 


Whether it’s spending quality time with her husband, co-parenting their three children, embarking on hikes with her loyal dogs, getting lost in the pages of a book, striking a yoga pose, or exploring the world through travel, she continues to radiate positivity and inspiration. 

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